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  • Structural repair of panel paintings, stretchers and canvases including cradle modification/removal, lining, strip-lining, tear repair and filling. Both traditional paste lining and synthetic adhesive lining can be performed with or without prior humidity treatment.

  • All other commonly used interventions, including cleaning, varnish removal, retouching and varnishing.

  • Microscopic examination of signatures or other critical areas using PARCO compound microscope.

  • UV examination.

  • Treatment with heated PEL vacuum table capable for additional and simultaneous moisture introduction (Used for the removal of surface distortions, or lining).

  • Basic work on frames including structural reinforcement, consolidation of areas with flaking, hardware modification/updating and gilding.

  • Condition surveys for collectors and dealers before or after purchases/loans.

  • Appraisal and valuation of fine art.

  • Emergency response after fire, flood or similar incident.

  • Advice on environmental control, preventive conservation, lighting and display of artworks.

  • All treatments are documented with written reports and digital photography.
    Conservation on site is possible when needed (fragile or large artwork). Expert packing and own transportation can be arranged, or we can liaise with fine art carriers.

    Tel: 07939 159942      E-mail: mbansaghi@gmail.com
      11 Colville Road, Acava Studio #5
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